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Insert from Scanner
Insert from Scanner

Version: 1.0.2
Difficult level: 2/5
Status: Tested and works in Word 2007



If you are used to earlier Microsoft Word version where you could go Insert -> Picture -> From Scanner or Camera... but now you cannot find this function in Word 2007 and want to add it, then this KB is for you.

To add the same function in Word 2007 you will need to create a simple Macro and connect the Macro to a menu, just follow this simple KB or follow a Microsoft KB that bring another solution:

Create InsertImagerScan Macro

Default Word 2007 hide the tab Developer in the ribbon that contains the menu button to create a macro so first we need to make Word 2007 to show the Developer ribbon by going:
Round Office Button (sometimes called the Pizza button) -> Word Options

In Word Options check the box Show Developer tab in the Ribbon and then press the OK button.

Now you got the Developer tab in the Ribbon, go there and press the Macros button

Now the Macros window shows up, enter in a name for the macro, can be anything but in this KB we type in InsertScannerOrCamera and then press the Create button.

Now enter in the following code above "End Sub" so it looks like the image below:

On Error GoTo JBKBError


Save and close the window, now the Macro have been created, now we just need to make the Macro easily accessed and visible.

Connect Macro to menu item

To add a icon/menu connected to the Macro go as image below:
Customize Quick Access Toolbar -> More Commands...

In this window select in the drop-down list Choose commands from to Macros.
Select Normal.NewMacros.InsertScannerOrCamera and press the Add > > button

If you want another icon than the default select the macro and press the Modify... button and select an image and press OK and image changes (you can also change the display name here)

Press OK button to close Word Options

Now you got the "Insert -> Picture - From Scanner or Camera..." function in Word 2007 by pressing the button you created that has the Macro connected to it.


Microsoft solution on this -

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